Timber treatment

All our timber products are treated to improve durability and longevity.

Tanalised timber

Tanalised timber treatment is a method of weather resistance treatment whereby the timber is impregnated with tanalith preservative. Tanalised timber is more durable and longer-lasting than non-treated timber, and is therefore an excellent option for outdoor uses.

What is tanalith preservative?

Tanalith is a water-based wood preservative which contains a mix of copper and organic compounds.

How does tanalith preservative work?

Tanalith preservative is impregnated into the wood under pressurised conditions, forming a bond with the internal structure of the timber which cannot easily be removed.

How long does tanalised timber last?

Tanalised timber lasts up to 30 years without rot setting in. You can choose to treat, paint or stain your timber which will also prolong the timber’s lifespan.

Does tanalised timber have a colour?

Tanalised timber products take on a green hue due to the copper contained within the tanalith preservative. Over time this colour may fade or change, however you can treat or stain the wood if you wish.

Do we guarantee tanalised timber?

If used correctly, the treatment company we use state that the timber will last for a minimum of 15 years.

Is tanalised timber waterproof?

Tansalised timber is not waterproof. It is a preservative which helps prevents the timber rotting.

Is tanalised timber the same as treated?

Yes, although other providers may treat products in a different way. 

Can talanised timber be painted or stained?

Yes, you can paint or stain tanalised wood.