We craft high-quality British solid hardwood flooring using timber sourced from our sustainably managed woodlands.

Including traditional native species such oak, ash or sycamore, we have access to a wide variety of tree species grown on our UK rural estates which each naturally provide a range of colours, textures and finishes.

From our state-of-the-art Cheshire mill, we supply flooring to industry standard sizes, typically 115mm and 144mm width, 20mm depth with tongue and groove construction.

Flooring is produced to a “character” grade, emphasising the innate personality of the timber, featuring subtle knots in the grain and discreet variations in colour.

Flooring in stock

Frequently asked questions

Do you produce flooring to order?

As well as the batches we have available in stock (see below), we can also produce flooring to order. Please contact us with your requirements.

What types of timber do you use?

Currently we can produce oak, ash or sycamore - see further down this page for descriptions of these species. More types will become available in due course.

Is your flooring treated?

Our flooring is supplied untreated (unless otherwise specified), allowing you to add your own finish.

Do you provide a fitting service?

We don’t currently provide a fitting service, however our experienced and skilled team provide expert guidance on installing and finishing our flooring.

What standard is your flooring produced to?

We dry the timber in bio-fuelled kilns to ensure a consistent 10% moisture content – better than the industry standard – resulting in greater stability. This reduces the risk of shrinkage or warping after installation and as the flooring acclimatises to its new environment.

  • Beech

    A pleasing, pale coloured timber with a simple grain. Often contains interesting character features such as gentle colour variation. Few knots. Hardwearing. Beech will brighten and lighten a room.

  • Ash

    Not as pale as Beech but a light coloured timber with strong grain. Often contains character features such as knots and checks. Hardwearing. Ash will add character to any room.

  • Sycamore

    The palest of the main four flooring species. Often contains interesting character with gentle colour variation, interesting grain and a few knots. Relatively rare and unusual. Sycamore will lighten and brighten and room.

  • Oak

    Usually has heavy character with interesting grain, knots and colour changes. Darker than the other main flooring timbers – think stately home or farmhouse kitchen. Very hard wearing.